Make your dream of owning a property under the Spanish sun come true


At Maisons du Soleil we work to make your dream of owning a property under the Spanish sun come true. We know how complicated and stressful it can be for a foreigner to understand and fight with the Spanish bureaucracy. Our goal is to make your search for a charming holiday home or a profitable investment in Barcelona and by the Spanish coast, smooth and stress free.

Let us be your personal property shopper and you will:

Save Money

You will save you up to 20% of the listing price of the property because we will negotiate in your name and  avoid any conflict of interest. No hidden fees and extra costs, as we take care of the legal fees.

Save Time

You will save up to 80% of the time invested in the buying process. We know what has to be done, when it has to be done and how it has to be done; which will allow you to relax and just enjoy the outcome.

Stress Free

100% stress free for you. Our legal and financial experts will make sure you enter into a transparent transaction, and you won’t get any unwanted surprises, nor any hidden legal issues.


Our Promise

We will find your dream holiday home and help you make a profitable investment without stress or worry. Buying a property in Spain has never been easier.


Raluca Tronaru

Founder, Maisons du Soleil



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Featured on TV

Mixing Spanish aroma with great designs and inspiration I make Barcelona TV viewers discover local treasures.

  • — Vatche Keverian

    Buying a home is one of the most serious decisions a family can make in a life time. it gets even more complex if you are buying property in a foreign courtesy with regulations and an ecosystem that is alien to you. But before we reach to there is to find the house of your dreams, which was possible with the help and understanding of an experienced and caring consultant like Raluca. My wife and I are quite different people in the way we look and evaluate matters. But we were somewhat always aligned throughout the process, from search through to the buying experience we had with Raluca.

    From the first meeting, we had connected with Raluca as someone who understood the type of people we are and what we were looking for. She asked the right questions, made reasonable recommendations and made it happen in a matter of a week and found us the dream place that my wife and I cherish as our home in Barcelona. More so Raluca was not just a real-estate agent rather a consultant that showed us the road map and helped us at every step of the way, to manage the whole process and made it as smooth as can be. Introducing us to key players in the system, the legislative, legal and banking, providing every possible service, guidance and assistance along the process. Today, Raluca is a family friend because she is not just a professional, she is a caring individual with high moral standards, ethics and values.

  • — Kerry Lydon

    Raluca and her colleagues were very helpful to me when I bought a property in Spain, assisting with all the legal paperwork, helping me open a Spanish bank account and offering good advice every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without her and her team.

  • — Kim Nielsen

    Raluca was my broker when I was considering buying an apartment in Barcelona. As this was a new apartment she managed the relationship directly with the construction company and did so extremely well. Raluca was able to secure a significant discount and improved purchase conditions in a difficult/attractive market, where this was almost impossible in particular for a new construction. I would be happy to work with Raluca again and can highly recommend her work to anyone.

  • — Christian Lund Hansen

    Raluca is very professional and made the buying experience of my Barcelona apartment a pleasure. I highly value her interpersonal skills where she with confidence operates in an international and multicultural environment. Had it not been for Raluca's sales and negotiation skills I doubt the transaction would have gone through. Thank you Raluca.

  • — Charlotte Bouet

    I have had the pleasure of working with Raluca in the process of purchasing a vacation home in Barcelona. Raluca has supported me in the searching and selection process in a very professional and enthusiastic manner. Once I decided on a property, Raluca guided every step of the contracting and sales process for me, maneuvering expertly in the legal steps and stakeholders.

    Additionally Raluca has subsequently managed for me a lease contract with quite complicated terms. I can highly recommend Raluca for her very professional approach, her easy manner and high dedication.