We Build Your Dreams

With Spanish aroma and Swiss precision we will use our in-depth market knowledge and vast international real estate experience to offer you a personalized set of services based on your needs:

Property search

We search for thousands of listings, which are available on the market. We do not have specific properties in our portfolio so we are able to offer you properties that fit to your criteria, carefully selected from all the listings on the market, without any conflict of interest.

Personal assistance during property viewings

We accompany you to all of the viewings in order to make sure that you get the best experience possible whilst searching for your dream property. With our service we will save you 80% of the time you would spend searching for properties and arranging all the viewings.

Negotiate the listing price

Our goal is to make sure you get the best deal possible. Using our in-depth market knowledge and extensive negotiating skills we will help you save up to 20% of the listing price.

Property management

Taking care of your Spanish property from abroad is very challenging and costly, especially if you plan to rent it while you are not living there. We can find you a tenant and take care of your property so that you have no worries.

Assistance with NIE application

NIE (Número de identificación del extranjero) is a Spanish tax identification number assigned by the Spanish authorities to any foreigner. It is mandatory to get a NIE when a foreigner wants to buy a property in Spain. There are several ways to get a NIE; these usually depend on where the applicant is from. We are familiar with all of these procedures, and will assist you with the application.

Legal advice

We understand how stressful it is for a foreigner to deal with the legal aspect of a purchase, with regards to the local bureaucracy. Our legal experts will advise you on every step, they will check if there are any debts, mortgages or foreclosures on the property, and they will draw up all of the contracts. The notary will make sure that the purchase is transparent and stress free for you. We do all of this without any extra cost for you.


Finding a local contractor that you can trust and supervising the renovation from a different country is a very hard and stressful task. Our architects and contractors have great experience, and outstanding results, from working with international clients from a host of different countries. We will manage every step of the project and make sure you get the outcome you dreamed of.

Financial advice

Together, we analyze what is the best option for you to finance your purchase. In the case that you want a mortgage, our financial advisors will come up with a tailored plan for you and we will assist you with the application for a mortgage.


Our Collaborators

Dr. Frühbeck Abogados – is an international law firm founded in 1952. Arne Seeger, our collaborator, is a Spanish and German licensed lawyer with over 12 years experience in real estate, commercial and corporate law. In 2015, after 11 years working in Barcelona, Arne moved to Palma de Mallorca and became the office manager of the law firm in the Balearic Island. – http://www.fruhbeck.com

INTLAW –  is a multicultural law firm, founded in 2010 in Barcelona. Simone Guaglianone, the founding partner of INTLAW is a Spanish and Italian licensed lawyer. He has extensive experience in working with international clients. Simone is expert in real estate, corporate and commercial law. – https://intlaw.eu

Notarial Diagonal 550 – a notarial office with extensive experience in Barcelona, that performs the integral management of properties’ deeds. Ariel Sultán Benguigui has been a notary since 2005 and Jesús Benavides Lima, since 2011. – http://www.diagonal550.com


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