Our Story

Maisons du Soleil was born from the passion and the desire of a young entrepreneur to make the dreams of foreign home buyers in Spain come true. The company’s concept was dreamed in Barcelona, developed in London and put in practice in Geneva.

Founder, Maisons du Soleil


How it all began

Barcelona, August 2011

Following my dream, while I was a master student in Journalism and Communications in Romania, I moved to Barcelona for a 3 month internship in the marketing department of a real estate agency.. Driven by curiosity and a need to explore new challenges, I asked to work in parallel  with the rentals team. Real estate industry fascinated me.Just a couple of weeks later,I got my first sales client, a charming Swiss lady who was living in Paris.

Barcelona, September 2011

On a sunny autumn day, with zero sales experience and unlimited enthusiasm, I met my client for the first time. The viewings were going well and my selection allowed her to fall in love with one of the flats on Carrer del Bonsuccés. Having just discovered my selling and negotiating skills, she placed an offer and a reservation contract was signed that very afternoon

It was the day when I realized that selling properties is not just a well planned strategy, it’s understanding people to find out about their stories and make their dreams come true.

Barcelona, November 2011

With my internship coming to an end, I received a job offer from the real estate agency. I decided to go back to Romania to finish my master and planned to come back to Barcelona the next summer.


Time to take the challenge

Barcelona, July 2012

Three days after graduation, I arrived in Barcelona, ready for the new job as rental coordinator at the real estate agency. A month later I was offered the position of the General Manager at the same agency…

At the age of 26 I found myself in charge of 20 employees in the marketing, rental and sales department. I took the challenge and grew my leadership skills and the company revenue by 230% in the first year.

Fulfilling dreams with passion

Barcelona, July 2016

Four years later after having closed hundreds of sales and rental deals via hard negotiating, rendered many international happy clients and gathered market acumen, I decided to improve my marketing and sales skills by enrolling in an Executive Master at ESADE Ramon Llull University in Barcelona & Bocconi University in Milan.

After completing the course with excellent grades, I decided to moved to London to work for an American company. I was missing real estate trill and I knew it was the time to make my dream come true and start a new challenge: be an entrepreneur.


Geneva, September 2016

I moved to Switzerland and founded Maisons du Soleil, where, with Swiss precision and Spanish aroma, I help buyers to make their dream of owning a property under the Spanish sun come true.


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